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The Dollar Bill

What's In Your Wallet

  • Welcome to the exciting world of paper money collecting - sometimes called notaphily, and other times listed with coin collecting as part of numismatics. This site is all about collecting United States one dollar bills. The popularity of collecting paper money has quite literally surged in recent years, and this fun sub-specialty of the hobby offers many interesting avenues for the dedicated collector. On these pages you will learn how to identify which of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks printed your note, how the different series are determined, and the many ways in which people collect serial numbers. In addition, there is information here on the history of the U.S. one dollar note, tips for storing your collection, and links to resources to help you on your journey.

    The dollar bill is the work horse of the United States economy. Chances are a couple have already passed through hands today. So take a quick look at the information on this site, and then take a quick look at what's in your wallet, and you'll be well on your way to a lifetime of fun collecting U.S. dollars.